We take a look at one of the cars that have accounted Audi’s recent rise in success, the Audi Q7. It’s not your average 4×4, the look of the car make it stand out from the crowd. Our in depth review will look at some of the main points which have made it one of the best cars in its class.


When looking at the car, it really does come across as quite a powerful car. The selection of engines represents that perfectly, with them all containing a generous amount of power. There is a choice of a 4.2 litre V6 turbo diesel engine that contains 335bhp. You’ll also be able to buy a 493bhp 6.0 V12, but these are only upon special order.  The 3.6 litre V6 is also a commendable choice, with it being able to produce 276bhp.


The car is more agile than many would think. It is designed and engineered to perform better on the road rather than be a mighty off roader.  It can take corners considerably well too for a 4×4.


Being such a huge car, practicality will always naturally be a great attribute. You buy the Audi Q7 not just for its looks but also for the sheer spade it offers.  There is plenty of storage space, making it a car suitable for trips and perfect for the modern day family.


As you would expect from an Audi, you get a great range of equipment in every Q7 variant. This includes air conditioning, big alloy wheels, heated leather seats and climate control. You’ll get more options at the higher end of the scale, with sports seats, DVD and sat-nav players and a panoramic sunroof.


A brilliant alternative to the BMW X5, with it being a sporty type of SUV, it’s a great choice for a 4×4. One of the largest SUV’s currently on the market, the car is not one for a city drive but edges towards more practicality and strong performance. Audi have implied that their Audi Q7 is the best, in its class and is able to fend off all competition. There are many others who would agree.

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