Audi revealed that 2011 saw an increase of sales by a staggering 57%. This was due to a demand increasingly growing with a great number of new models being introduced.

The premium car segment within the countries automotive industry is increasingly growing. Audi have also revealed that they have achieved their highest ever customer satisfaction results in their history. This is largely thanks to a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which has been recently introduced. A great deal of investment allowed this to happen along with new recruitments in key areas.

Gaining new customers

As well as attracting new customers, Audi have made sure that are taking care of the ones that they have already got. Special deals and offers brought new customers on board. Sponsorship of various events brought on board a number of new customers and greatly raised awareness.

Abdel Karim Awwad – Customer confidence growing

The National Marketing and & Sales Manager at Audi, Abdel Karim Awwad has released a statement saying how customer confidence is growing. He said “We are delighted to have achieved such excellent sales results that demonstrate growing customer confidence in Audi Oman and the products we sell. On the back of such an outstanding year we are now continuing this momentum for an even stronger 2012 by offering a wide range of models, attractive after sales service packages, and the quality of our products and services.”

Customer Relationship Management a success

He went on to say how successful the Customer Relationship Management system has been. “Meanwhile, the investment that we have made in hiring new talent and training infrastructure has clearly been successful given the very high satisfaction ratings we have received from our customers in our recent CRM survey.”

Newly introduced models

The Audi A1 hatchback, the Audi A7 Sportback, the latest Audi A6 Saloon and the limited edition Audi Q5 SUV all played their part in helping Audi Oman achieve such great sales results. The Audi A8 L saloon was also revised with a new 3.0 litre turbo engine.

The Audi Q7 SUV was the company’s bestselling model in Oman. The Audi A8 L sales were also up. The Audi Q5 compact crossover SUV was the bestselling car in it’s category. The Audi A6 Saloon was a new introduction in the summer of last year and excelled in terms of sales.

Audi are the fastest growing luxury car manufacturer in the world at present. They are on their way to achieving more success in Oman this year.