The new Bentley Continental will arrive soon after being developed for four years.

40 % reduction

It has been a very tough task to say the least. Compared to the last model, the environmental emission factor has been reduced by a staggering 40%. In order to do that, Audi were needed in order for them to bring their expertise and knowledge to the table.


How will the 40 per cent reduction be made? Paul Williams, the Head of Bentley’s powertrain technologies have revealed exactly how the savings will be made.

12 cylinder to 8 cylinder

The previous 12 cylinder engine will reduced to a V8. This accounts for 16 per cent of the economy reduction.

Gearbox transmission

Gearbox transmissions are being revised across the worldwide automotive industry as they enhance economic benefits too. The new Bentley will come with an 8 speed ZF transmission which reduces the environmental benefits by 6 per cent.

Cylinder deactivation

Cylinder deactivation, which is again becoming more and more popular throughout the car industry, will be introduced. The V8 engine is able to be transformed into a V4 engine with the cylinder deactivation being utilised. This brings down the economic perspective by 5 per cent.

Variable steering

The variable power steering accounts for 3 per cent of the 40 per cent figure mentioned earlier.

Bosch engine

The newly installed Bosch engine management system accounts for 3 per cent accounts for 3 per cent of the figure quoted by Paul Williams.

Weight reduction

The vehicle’s weight is reduced, a move that was expected and accounts for 2.5 per cent.

Audi thermal management

Audi’s thermal management accounts for 2 per cent. The newly installed lower rolling resistance tyres will account for 1 per cent.

Paul Williams

Paul Williams has spoken to Headline Auto discussing the new changes. He said “We’ve maintained the performance by using high pressure twin turbochargers and direct injection for the first time in a Bentley. The eight-speed transmission has a number of benefits, optimising engine speed, giving a smoother and faster gear change.

“It is capable of switching multiple gears in one go – dropping from 8 to 4, for example, when you require fast acceleration. Starting with a typical V8 burble at idle, moving to a mid-range growl and finally a high-end howl.”

Even prestige automakers like Bentley are being forced to cut back on carbon emissions. Cutting back whilst keeping the car’s economic credentials is extremely difficult but Bentley have managed to do it to great effect.