We have not yet reported on Audi India’s January sales, which saw 667 units shifted. The company have continued their growth within the country in January which was highly expected.

Growth for Audi

Last year the company previously anticipated targets of 5,000 units, with sales figures reaching 5511 from January to December 2011. Compared to 2010, Audi’s sales figures grew a massive 84 per cent where they sold just 3,003 cars. Audi hope that their sales will grow by 45 per cent this year. The luxury car market in India is starting to grow with more and more demand. The younger driver market is seeing a great boost. Residents of India want to show off their wealth, what better way to do that with an Audi?

The sales in January 2012 equated to a growth result of 39 per cent as in January of 2011, Audi sold 480 units.

2012 will be an even better year

Michael Perschke, the Head of Audi released a statement explaining how 2011 was a great year for the company and 2012 will be an even better year. His statement read “2011 was an exceptional year in the history of Audi India. Further, we are pleased to announce that Audi has continued this successful performance in January 2012. Despite the current market condition, we aim to sell 8000 cars in India in 2012 and with the new year beginning on a strong note, we are confident of achieving this target. We attribute this growth to a strong brand pull we have in the Indian market. Our focus this year will continue to be on expansion of our dealership network and introduction of an exciting product line, including the new Audi TT and the Audi Q3 later this year.”

Will new models be released later on in the year

There have been question marks over whether the Audi TT and the Audi Q3 may be released later on in the year. The Audi TT is expected to be released very soon in India, before the end of the first financial quarter. The Audi Q3 should arrive before the summer.

Expansion of dealerships

In order to cater for new models and a huge rise in demand, Audi’s dealerships will expand to the cities of Nagpur, Coimbatore, South Mumbai and Delhi West. This is sure to help boost sales and cope with newer market conditions.