We know that 2017 is quite a long time away but that hasn’t stopped Audi planning for the future. The new generation Audi A8 is set to come with rear wheel drive along with a new aluminium composite body shell. That means Audi dropping their world famous Quattro system.

Many Audi owners opt for Quattro models. Why? It offers a more compelling drive and can simply get you out of trouble when needed. If you’re stuck in snow, the Quattro system will wonderfully kick in and give the car more balance, spreading power to all four wheels. Many will be disappointed that the Audi A8 is letting go of tradition and opting for rear wheel drive instead.

For the past five generations, the company have offered Quattro on models. If it is any consolation, the rear wheel drive architecture will be based on Porsche’s interpretation. Audi are set to completely revamp their largest saloon model. According to sources the car will go through a major revamp in the year 2016. For the time ever since the Second World War, there will be a rear drive offered upon the A8 model. What significance will that make? The Audi A8 will now be allowed to come with more of a longer hood. That will allow the car to compete with the

BMW 7 Series Sedan, Mercedes-Benz S Class and Jaguar XJ in a different type of manner. The news is part of Volkswagen’s restructuring plans to bring the group closer and to save money at the same time. Part of that strategy is to give all future cars the MQB rear wheel drive platform. That includes vehicles in the Volkswagen Group including, Bentley, Porsche and Audi.

The brand new Audi A8 will come with an all-aluminium monocoque body. For such a large car, it is important that the bodyweight is kept as low as possible for performance and economical reasons. The material is strong too, a plus point for vehicle safety. The Audi A8 will come in both petrol and diesel variants, offering much needed variety. The car is also expected to be released in India too. The BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Jaguar XJ will provide stiff competition as they are going under revamps too. The battle between all four companies will be interesting.