A very large car that offers luxury and comfort, the A6 is made with quality throughout. Customers who require a car made to the highest standard are generally not disappointed with the Audi A6.

The engines for all models are quite powerful, as you would expect from such a large car. The majority of new models will be sold mainly as diesels.  They perform fairly well with the 2.0 producing up to 201bhp and the 3.0 producing up to 242bhp.

Four wheel drive options give the car excellent handling on the roads. The car overall is actually lighter than most other cars within the same class. There is a feel of the car having more agility than you may expect for such a large car.

Every new model comes with brilliant equipment such as satellite navigation, leather seats, climate control and parking sensors. The space offered will not leave drivers and passengers cramped at all. They’ll get plenty of legroom and will sit in comfort.

Servicing your A6

Servicing Stop can service your A6 cheaper than the main dealer and offer a better experience. We collect and deliver your car for free. You warranty is never affected and we use only brand new pre-approved parts.