The Audi A6 has made quite a name for itself recently. Audi now plan to make it dominant on the diesel front, rivalling the likes of the BMW 535d and Mercedes-Benz E350 Sport. Is the car up to the task?

Great deal of power

Audi have gone out of their way to make the A6 BiTDI S line one of the most desirable cars not only in its class, but throughout the whole car market in the UK. The V6 3.0 litre produces a maximum of 309 BHP. This makes the vehicle the most power Audi A6. It is also the only variant to contain Audi’s eight speed tip-tronic gearboxes. The vehicle has a spectacular two turbochargers which provide a great power boost to the vehicle.

Quattro system

The Quattro four wheel drives is Audi’s famous four wheel drive system. It goes without saying that the new BiTDI will contain this, being one of the company’s most desirable vehicles.

What the S-Line brings to an Audi

When an Audi has an S-Line badge on it, you know the car has something special. This particular version has an advanced suspension setup leaving the car riding 20mm lower. This particular feature enhances the looks and performance. The xenon headlights and the LED headlights are common fixtures on many Audi’s but they are shaped wonderfully on the A6 BiTDI. The chrome exhaust pipes stand out as to the huge 19 inch alloy wheels.

Inside the cabin

Inside the cabin, owners will be in for a treat. As usual the car contains a great amount of quality. Shifting gears will make some feel like an F1 driver with shift paddles. The electronically shifting sports seats are standard. The 6.5 inch display screen has satellite navigation ability.

No strange sounding diesel engine

Despite being a diesel the engine has a wonderful “roar” to it. Typical awkward diesel noises are not heard.

Why Audi are catching up with German counterparts

Audi are the world’s fastest growing car manufacturer. After discovering the type of performance and technology that the Audi A6 BiTDI S line contains, it is quite easy to see why. Audi are constantly developing such wonderful ground breaking technology whilst managing to always offer something a little different compared to BMW and Mercedes-Benz.


Price comparison

The Audi A6 costs around £46,160 which more expensive than both the BMW 535d and the Mercedes-Benz E350. We believe it is worth the A6 BiTDI S is worth the high price tag.