The Audi A4 is a reliable, good looking and very well engineered car. It’s not an ordinary family car, it’s one that posses great style and reputation.

It’s a very practical car, with later models providing brilliant technology to assist drivers. These include lane assist which prevents the car from drifting into the wrong lane and different drive modes.

The car isn’t just for families however. It can appeal to all sorts of drivers. Model types include the Saloon, Avant, Coupe, Compact, Cabriolet, Allroad, SUV and the Sportback.  There is surely something for everyone, whether you require great speed and performance or maximum comfort.

Owning one doesn’t disappoint drivers. You get great running costs with the A4 being possibly one of the most practical cars within its class.

Servicing your Audi A4

At Servicing Stop you get only the highest quality car service at a competitive price. We are typically 60% cheaper than the main dealer and don’t affect your warranty.