We look the Audi A3 in this review, in particular the sportback version of the car.

The Audi A3 sportback perhaps the most interesting variant of the A3 series and we discuss why we believe it’s a terrific car.


You’ll be paying a bit more for the Audi A3 Sportback version but you’ll be getting a beautiful sport exterior with it. The modified front bumper makes the car look aerodynamic and the roof spoiler separates it from your typical hatchback. From the chrome styled exhaust, when looking at the car you’ll get the impression that it’s capable of some great power.


The technology that every Audi fan gets excited by, the Quattro system, is included with the sportback. This means that the Audi A3 sportback comes with all-wheel drive technology. The car will grip the road tremendously well and is great all driving surfaces in all weathers.


Despite the sports aura surrounding the car, it surprisingly comes with plenty of top class safety equipment. There are airbags completely surrounding the car and electric stability to help balance the car during awkward moments. Central locking as well as quality alarms is fitted along with deadlocks, making the car extremely difficult for thieves to break into.


The 5 door version of the car is a car that offers a generous amount of space. The boot is quite large with even more room when the back seats are folded.  It’s certainly one of the best in its in terms of being a everyday and useful car.


What makes the car beat many of its rivals is the great comfort that it offers. When inside, you get a great a feeling of luxury and the sense that everything was made with quality. Although the car is not particularly designed for all adults to throughout the car, it can seat 4 of them quite comfortably.


A great choice if you want a car that’s sporty as well being practical for everyday activities. Being an Audi, there is quality and luxury throughout. Many don’t complain of problems too often as it’s engineered to last. You don’t get many more stylish hatchbacks than the Audi A3 sportback and it’s sure not to disappoint owners.