The-Audi-A3-FaceliftThat is correct, you read it right, the Audi A3 is getting a facelift, but for those who just got a little excited, we have to mention that this particular facelift for the A3 will only occur in India. There is good reason for this though. The Indian car market is growing at a rapid rate and therefore, the introduction of newer and updated vehicles are necessary for many automotive manufacturers to be able to compete.

What many companies have done is introduce smaller hatchbacks or compact SUV’s but, Audi have had a different approach to the selling of their vehicles. Audi have realised that the main consumer demand is in bigger vehicles and therefore, they have decided to give the relatively new family based A3 a facelift. The facelifted Audi A3 will now have the ability to stretch across multiple different categories including sports and business luxury, whilst also keeping a relatively good price tag too.

The facelift for the A3 includes slight tweaks to the body as it now takes new design cues from the Q3 and the Q7. The A3 will also be given a new and updated grille alongside Matrix LED headlights. The interior will also feature multiple updates which again, make the vehicle seem sportier and more luxurious than ever before. This has been accomplished via all black upholstery and a virtual cockpit. The interior will also feature a 12.3 inch infotainment screen, and a large speed and tachometer. As previously mentioned, big cars are better in India and the facelifted A3 smartly keeps all the space in the interior.

There will be two engine options offered too. They will both be 2.0 litres but, one will be a diesel TDI and the other TFSI petrol. They will both propel the car to 60mph in 6.7 seconds from standstill whilst also allowing it to hit top speeds of 155mph.

We are sure that the facelifted A3 will be a massive hit…