The Audi A3 is no longer the laughable little child in Audi’s growing collection of vehicles. The once poorly selling vehicle is now one of the luxury German company’s main vehicles in their quest to be the top selling luxury performance automotive company. The 2017 A3 for a variety of reasons will certainly help Audi in this pursuit.

There have been very few changes to the exterior for the 2017 facelift. There is a brand new grille and Matrix LED headlights. The aggressive lines which make up the body alongside an updated sporty hood are the biggest changes to the facelift. Audi are also offering five new paint jobs for the new A3 too so individualisation seems to be setting Audi apart from its rivals. Apart from that however, there is very little change which for most, is a good thing.


Being offered in hatchback, sportback, sedan or convertible models, they will all offered with the next generation virtual cockpit and, which is most impressive, with all of the technology found in Audi’s flagship series. The safety technology includes a pedestrian recognition system, a cross traffic monitoring system and traffic jam assist.  There will also be a range of entertainment and comfort based technology too. From massaging front seats, to a large infotainment system whereby two smartphone’s can simultaneously connect, the infotainment system is the best available in the automotive world. It is possible to even activate the system through voice and gesture commands are a feature too. So the technology found on the Audi A3 certainly will be a gem on the market.

There will also be three different engine types too. Offered is a 1.0 litre ultra-efficient turbocharged engine with 115hp, a 2.0 litre TFSI engine with 187hp and if the S3 is selected, then expect a four-cylinder turbocharged engine which produces around 306hp. There will also be a plug-in hybrid version offered too.

Expect the Audi A3 to fly off the shelves. It will certainly accomplish what Audi expect of it. It will propel the company to the very forefront of the luxury industry, if they aren’t there already…