The new Audi A3 2.0 TDI comes with a great deal of efficiency and class. There is a great deal of competition at present with the luxury hot hatchback market. The BMW 1 Series and the Mercedes-Benz A-Class have been improved a great deal, with the A3 no longer the dominant runaway leader. How does this diesel variant fare?

All new generation Audi A3 models have not changed dramatically in their looks, a completely different situation for the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Is that really a bad thing? The last generation was a huge success and had a great deal of style. There a few subtle upgrades including the headlights having changed shape slightly. The car comes with a longer wheelbase along with a wider track, giving the vehicle a slightly different type of profile. If you want those fancy LED running headlights, they only come with the top of the line S-Line versions. They will set you back around £1,250 if you want them installed on the lower models. Sportier models come with larger wheels and a lower profile.

Although the looks haven’t changed much, Audi have focused on changing the car’s dynamics. The whole body has been made approximately 80 kg lighter than the outgoing model. This helps to deliver a better performance and efficiency, keeping the driver away from the pumps as much as possible. The diesel engine weighs less too.

The interior has plenty of great quality. The 5.8 inch MMI colour screen which rises from the dashboard. The inside is certainly highly advanced especially if you opt for the satellite navigation option.

You may not need to wait for the five door model as the new version Audi A3 offers more room than the previous model. Both the headroom and legroom has been increased for drivers and passengers. The space within the boot is the largest out of any it’s rivals.

From launch, there will be two petrol engines and two diesel engines. The 1.4 litre TSI will be capable of developing 120 BHP with the 1.6 litre TDI capable of reaching 104 BHP. The most popular engine will be the 2.0 litre TDI which will be fitted onto most A3’s.

The Audi A3’s brand new chassis is designed to help deliver a better driving experience. The car now has more agility and is more responsive. We are sure it will be a top seller once again