We previously looked at the Audi A2 concept which was showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show. In that article we pointed out why the car wasn’t very successful and only lasted 5 years in production from 2000 – 2005. However the car did have some good points too. We take a look at our favourite features in today’s article.


It was the first small car made available from Audi, which was pioneering in terms of offering practicality in a confined space. There is a decent amount of room for four people. Five people are able to fit but they wouldn’t all sit in complete comfort. The boot is larger than expected and can fit some shopping along with some essential items. Extra storage space is able to be achieved with the seats being completely removed. Parking is very easy considering the size of the vehicle. It’s easy manoeuvre around town, making the Audi A2 a perfect city car. The seating arrangement is quite flexible, with them folding as one or individually. The car is considered mainly suitable for a small family.

The drive

Wind noise is kept down to a minimum, making the drive a peaceful one. Whether you are driving around town or cruising on a motorway, there is a solid and comforting feel to the ride.

Economy ratings

The car’s fuel efficiency and eco friendliness was quite superb at the time of launch. This was partly due to the material of the car’s exterior which is made of light weight aluminium. The engines were also designed to be majorly efficient and lessen the amount of times motorists have to visit the petrol pumps. The diesel variant is able to achieve a brilliant 64.2 MPG. The petrol version can achieve 46.3 MPG, which is still quite a respectable figure. A group five insurance group ratings for any vehicle below the 1.6 litre versions represents good value for money.


The car was simply introduced too early was beyond its years. The fact that the Audi A2 failed to hit its full potential is quite surprising considering the amount of quality features which it contained. Will the concept come back and make up for past times? We hope so.