February was yet again another great month for Audi with sales increasing by 16.6 per cent. A staggering 106,600 were delivered around the world. Audi have now come out and said that they are now expecting a record for sales in the first quarter.

The fastest luxury car manufacturer

We have mentioned on numerous occasions in our blog that Audi are the fastest growing luxury car manufacturer in the world at present. According to sales figures across the world for Audi so far it looks like there is no stopping them at the moment as they continue to grow throughout the worldwide car industry.

The company’s recent success can be put down to the success of new models the Audi A1, the Audi A6 and the Audi Q3.

Audi A6L

Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Audi Management for Marketing and Sales said that the new Audi A6L has a big part to play for the company. He said “We are well on track to achieving the strongest first quarter in Audi’s history, thanks especially to high levels of growth in the USA and China. In China, we will further extend our worldwide initiative in the full-size category with the new A6L. We aim to sell significantly more units of this model than of its extremely successful predecessor.”

Growth in China

Audi sales across the world have increased thanks to a high demand. Chinese demand increased in the month of February, as was expected. The Chinese automotive market is the number one car industry in the world for Audi, overtaking the company’s home country of Germany. Total deliveries in the country for China equated to 31,352 which is a rise of 65.7 per cent.

Growth in America

In the world’s second largest car market, North America, Audi sales rose by 10.9 per cent for the month of February.

Growth in Europe

Audi has even managed to increase sales in the European region despite the Euro Zone crisis. Overall Audi’s business in Europe has risen by 2.1 per cent, with main contributions coming from Germany. Other countries to play a major part include France and the United Kingdom.

200,000 +

So far, from January to February, total sales equate to 202,700 which is an increase of 8.5 per cent. For the first time ever, the 200,000 sales figure has been beaten before the ending of February.