Audi plan to go eco-friendly with the release a hybrid version of the successful A8 model. The current A8 is a luxurious vehicle that already produces decent economy ratings.  Next year will see the release of the new hybrid version of the A8.

It is expect to emit less than 150g/km of C02. Figures of its average mpg output have been quoted from 37mpg to 44mpg. The new hybrid car will contain an interesting engine setup. A turbocharged 2.0 litre TFSI engine will work alongside an electric motor, producing maximum economic efficiency.

Being an Audi, the company wouldn’t want to compromise the performance of the car. A timing of 7.7 seconds to hit 0-60mph has been estimated. Acceleration of the car shouldn’t disappoint.  be  Under electric power alone the car could reach speeds of over 60mph.At a constant speed of 37mph the car could produce no emissions, Audi have said. Performance may not be as great as the current model but the car is aimed into a different type of market, making it no less of a quality purchase.

Various different functions within the car can be altered to suit the driver. Whether the driver requires speed or better fuel efficiency, they will be able to choose by selecting the mode they require in the car.

The car will certainly be an improvement nevertheless when it arrives. The car will keep the advantageous features of the current model, including the large amounts of space, luxury and elegance throughout. New features set to be included will be ten spoke turbine blade wheels. They’ll be 18 inch as standard but 19 inch as an optional extra. A new colour will also be available, which will be an attractive arctic silver paint.

A lithium-ion battery weighing 36.7kg will be placed into the car within the boot. This will reduce the space previously provided in the rear area. It will be cooled down using a fan built within. However if that doesn’t suffice then the car’s automatic air conditioning system will be utilised.

Production of the car will start in 2012. Fans will be happy with the car being displayed at the Frankfurt motor show this year.