Following the suit of Vauxhall, BMW and other car manufactures, Audi have released their version of a compact city car for the future. The Audi concept has so far been received in quite a positive light.

City cars are is a focus for many major car brands. They need to be affordable to purchase and run, with fantastic economical credentials and easy to drive and park, considering just how congested certain cities are.  Although the car’s price has not been revealed, it would appear that all other criteria mentioned may be fit the bill.

There are two versions of the Audi concept which have been unveiled. One has been described as a Spyder with the other being a coupe type of car. The shape of it seems to follow suit of the i3 and Vauxhall’s concept city car, with it being quite unorthodox. You wouldn’t expect 21 inch wheels to placed on a city car, however they have been added to the new Audi Concept .They are quite thin to keep the car’s body shape in proportion but will make the car look sportier.

Audi are trying to develop a car that delivers an exciting performance as well being one that that is easy to drive and practical for the city. Saying that, it would certainly be wrong to assume that the car will have blistering pace and deliver a huge amount of horsepower. However the performance statistics for the Audi concept that were given are quite respectable and surprising for a car in its class. It can achieve 0-62mph in 16.9 seconds, with 62mph being the car’s top speed.

There will be two motors within the car, both being fed by electricity from a lithium-ion battery. Electric technology is certainly the way forward in terms of keeping emissions down to a minimum.
There was major emphasis on the weight of the car. The exterior is mainly made out of aluminium and carbon fibre. With the Audi concept car weighing hardly anything, the drag is reduced which delivers better fuel economy and emissions.
The car may have come as a surprise as it was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month earlier than expected. If it is released, it will surely be help to influence future city cars. Whether or not the new Audi concept is made available, it is certainly an exciting prospect that may influence future city cars.