The Audi S8 is a fantastic vehicle designed to deliver pure adrenaline rushes. The vehicle will not come cheap either, with the American price being $110,895.

Its rivals, the Mercedes-Benz S63 and the BMW 750i are certain to be looking behind their shoulder with fear.

The car isn’t exactly new; it has been around since the year 2001. It has always only been available to the more wealthy type of customer and it’s easy to see why. The 4.0 litre twin turbo V6 engine manages to achieve 520 BHP and 481 lb-ft of torque. Although the last version used a 5.2 litre Lamborghini V10 engine, that managed to achieve only 450 BHP. The new engine is also used in the amazing Bentley Continental GT V-8. There are hardly any differences when comparing the setup. Racing from 0 – 60 MPH, the Audi S8 will record a time of 3.9 seconds. Cylinder deactivation is within the engine as standard, closing its cylinders when they are not being used to help increase fuel efficiency.

The air suspension and adaptive damping helps improve the comfort of the vehicle. Comfort and Dynamic modes help the driver adapt the vehicle to whatever mood they are in. If that isn’t enough, there is a custom mode designed for the driver to decide upon their own type of adventure.

Compared to the normal Audi A8, the brakes are a lot larger. The Quattro all wheel drive system helps the vehicle maintain its balance at speed around corners, a must have for any hardcore Audi fan. Sport rear differential torque vectoring technology, as seen in the 2009 Audi S4 has been included as standard.

The inside of the S8 is just as luxurious as the way it looks on the outside. The sports seats come with diamond patterned sport seats along with Alcantara material upon the door panels. The Google Maps navigation system is one of the most advanced the whole automotive industry. For that price tag, you probably wouldn’t expect any less.

When the car is at 4,000 RPM, you really wouldn’t expect the vehicle to be able to push any harder than it is. The power of the vehicle can really blow you away, especially when reaching 6,500 RPM and above.

We are sure that the Audi S8 will make a great impact here in the UK.