Audi have many stylish and powerful in their line-up. We discuss two sports cars in particular, from either end of a budget, the TT and the R8.

Although one may be considerably cheaper than the other, you will need to spend a lot, according to most people’s estimates. The TT range from £25,320 to £47,820 whereas the R8 ranges from £86,935 to £116,710.

Both are more for drivers who prefer speed and excitement compared to those who require practicality and safety.

The Audi TT

After the success of the previous generation of Audi TT’s, the new one certainly had a lot to live up to and hasn’t failed to deliver. The Audi TT has a certain reputation and gets a lot of well earned respect.

Audi did a great job in actually redesigning what was already a very attractive car. It’s difficult to find cars that are more stylish than the TT.

Its excellent acceleration and overall performance is down to the car’s great selection of engines and lightweight frame. Handling is also superb and is great at going round corners at speed.

Although you will be forking out quite a lot for the car, you won’t be spending too much on running it. C02 emissions are low as well as the fuel consumption. The 2.0TFSi TTS Roadster emits just 189g/km.

The car holds its value and is manufactured to extremely high standards. Owners are certain not to regret the purchase of such a car that is an icon of the future.

The Audi R8

The R8 is a different car altogether, it’s the first supercar to come from Audi’s production line.

If you want attention, the R8 is certain to get tons of it wherever you go. The sound of the engine and the speed of the car, just to name a couple are features that make R8 stand out.

The 4.2 V8 engine is nicely displayed through glass at the rear of the car. The distinctive looks of the R8 make it one of the most unique looking cars on the road.

The driving experience will deliver superb impressions to all.  The speed is breathtaking with extremely responsive brakes. Handling is also said to be better than many of its rivals.  It performs brilliantly on racing tracks and wonderfully on normal roads. The car reaches 0-62mph in just 4.6 seconds.