It’s been around a fair old while now so it’s easy to forget just how revolutionary Audi’s four-wheel drive Quattro was when it first burst onto the scene all those years ago. Here’s a few things you may or may not know about the car that changed the way we drive:

  • 1 in 8 million. Four-wheel drive wasn’t exactly new when the Quattro came out in 1980, but using 4×4 technology on roads for control and performance, rather than off-road or on farms was. To date, over eight million quattro-equipped cars have been produced.

  • It all began in Geneva. The Swiss city’s motor show was where the great and good of the motoring world got their first glimpse of the Ur-Quattro (Ur means original in German).

  • Motorsport revolution. Quattro made the racing world sit up and take notice at Le Mans with Audi notching up a dominant 13 overall wins from 18 years of competition. It was on the rally circuit where the technology’s real genius revealed itself. The list of Audi’s successes includes four World Rally Championship titles, six victories at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, two DTM titles, 11 national Super Touring Car Championships, a Touring Car World Cup and a TransAm Championship.

  • LED the way. Audi set another first when they introduced LED ‘daytime running’ to its cars. Safety aside, the distinctive lights gave the designers to material to create a far more distinctive look. The A6 was the first model to display the arrow shaped lights and daytime running lights are used across the range.

  • Quattro off road. Quattro was great for drivers who appreciated the extra traction on the roads, but many buyers wanted to see what it could do when they took their cars off road. To bridge the two uses, Audi came up with the Q range in 1999 – models that lay somewhere between the practical estate car and the full-on crude off roader.

  • Crash test dummies. Audi’s expertise with aluminium means their SUVs stay lightweight yet extremely robust, scoring top marks in crash test ratings.

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