Audi hasn’t always been regarded as the prestige manufacturer it is today, back in the 1980s the German brand was regarded by many as a young pretender, a ‘Wannabe’ playing second fiddle to the big boys: Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar. The Audi V8 was the car maker’s first tentative step, to join the exclusive gentleman’s club populated by the trio.

The V8’s 3.6-litre engine was tasty, the Quattro drivetrain exciting to drive, but retrospectively it’s safe to say that overall, the car buying masses didn’t really go for it – it just wasn’t ‘high end’ enough, and surprisingly considering Audi’s reputation today, wasn’t tremendously reliable.

The V8’s roots were clearly based deeply in the 100/200 that preceded it, the engine and drivetrain the most obvious example. It was stuffed to the gills with all the tech Audi could cram into it, sometimes to the utter confusion of its more tech-phobic owners.

As a top-line motor, the V8 can’t be called a success – that makes it unique. As mentioned, it wasn’t tremendously reliable and not many survive to this day. For that reason alone, as a collector’s item, that’s most probably the reason why it’s worth keeping your eye out for one.

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