A look back at the Audi 60 70 and Super 90 (1965 - 1972)

Today we look back at a true game changer, a title the Audi F103-Series (60, 70, 72, 80 and Super 90) can rightfully and proudly wear. It was the starting point for the modern Audi revolution; an automotive sea change that can be considered all the more remarkable when you consider the company didn’t release their first saloon until 1965.

Inspired heavily by the DKW F102, that car’s pioneering three-cylinder two-stroke engine was dropped, a four-cylinder engine partly developed with Daimler-Benz was used instead.

It didn’t create too much fuss when it was first released, but it swiftly gained an excellent reputation thanks to its sturdy engineering and excellent handling. In hindsight, the first editions were under-engined and performance was unremarkable as a result but as the ‘new’ Audi gained strength, the range was significantly expanded. Hardly any remain these days, but those that do are excellent examples of mid-sixties German efficiency.

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