Is Audi One Step Closer In Announcing Their New Car?

Reports from the German publication Autobild suggest that Audi are one step closer in announcing their new car. The publication argues that the new car will be able to bridge the gap between the TT and the R8 cars. Beginning at the 2010 Paris motor show, the rumours have been circulating for a large period(…)

Audi unveil new diesel SUV, the SQ7 TDI

Audi’s comparatively low key reveal of the car proves that talent can outshine theatrics. Unveiling their newest performance SUV at their headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany, Audi claims that the vehicle has its most advanced chassis ever, thanks to a new electro-mechanical roll stabilisation system. Audi’s high performance diesel prototype racers have proven themselves champions on(…)

Audi to continue selling diesel in the US due to ‘demand’

Feel free to sell as many diesel engines as you want Audi, but learn from your parent’s mistakes and check the emissions. Stefan Knirsch, member of the board in charge of technical development for Audi, has announced that Audi customers in the United States are ‘demanding’ the company still offer diesel powertrains, despite their parent(…)

Audi invest in ambitious future despite parent company’s emission scandal

Just like Simba and Mufasa, Skywalker and Vader, Michael and Vito Corleone, Audi has started to outgrow and outshine its parents. It has recently been revealed that whilst parent-company Volkswagen continue to resolve their emissions scandal – dubbed ‘dieselgate’ to some – Audi have increased their research and development budget to ensure they can remain(…)

Audi up for many awards at World Car of the Year 2016

Audi are to car awards what Meryl Streep is to Academy Awards. The World Car of the Year 2016 finalists have been announced, and the Audi A4, Mazda MX-5 and Mercedes GLC will be grinding gears to compete for top honours. Whilst the winners will be announced at the New York Motor Show (NYIAS) later(…)

Audi sales keep accelerating in the US

Every family has the one, breakout shining star, unless you are a Kardashian who are less of a family and more of a mass production unit for celebrities. For the VW Group, their star is Audi. Automobile sales figures for February have revealed that for the fourth month in a row Volkswagen sales have plummeted(…)

Audi looking to overtake BMW with new range of small and large SUVs

Good things come in small packages AND large packages for Audi, or so they hope. Audi have revealed their plans to rev up efforts to replace BMW as the world’s top luxury carmaker with a new range of SUVs ranging from the smaller Q2 to the full sized Q8. Their reignited competitive drive follows the(…)

Audi to sell Q7 e-tron hybrid in the UK

Good news for fans of top notch hybrid cars who have £65,000 going spare. Audi confirmed the news that UK fans would be able to buy the plug-in hybrid version of its Q7 SUV, the e-tron. Q7 will be Audi’s second e-tron to be sold in the UK, and is powered by a combination of(…)

Audi comes out on top for US consumers

Someone Google translate the lyrics of “We are the Champions” into German, because Volkswagen-owned Audi have reason to celebrate. Audi were crowned the best brand in the United States by Consumer Reports despite the emissions scandal that rocked Audi’s parent company, Volkswagen, last year. They trumped rival luxury carmakers like Lexus, Porsche and BMW. The(…)

Audi gets emotional over RS 7

Audi prove that it IS okay for men to cry… as long as it’s a manly tear over a car, of course. Audi released their advert for the RS 7 vehicle, a vehicle they are so proud of they are certain it can bring a man to tears. The star of the ad, apart from(…)

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