Audi’s RS5 Engine

The RS versions of Audi’s Series’ are always the flagship model for any particular numbered series. We will always expect that there will be new trims offered alongside new technologies, new body kits and interior designs and better performing powertrains too. So with Audi soon to release the RS5, what does the motoring world know(…)

Audi’s Top Tech Sliding Down

Audi are well known as one of the automotive companies who attempt to be at the forefront of new technologies. When new technologies are introduced, the flagship cars always benefit first before the technology seeps down to the models below it. It has been reported that some of Audi’s best technology will soon start featuring(…)

The Audi A5 Coupe

The question on the minds of many motoring journalists right now regards the popularity of coupes. Are they really that popular anymore? Are they in demand? Well of course they still sell, but they certainly are not as popular as they once were. The public have turned more towards smaller city vehicles with the rise(…)

10 Years Since Audi Changed Le Mans

The 24 hours of Le Mans is one of the most difficult races that car companies can compete in. As a 24 hour long endurance race, there are limited fuel top ups and other changes, so the race has to be planned with absolute precision. This year’s Le Mans is extremely special for many motoring(…)

Audi’s New Electric Factory

After the Volkswagen scandal, the group have decided to produce more and more electric vehicles as a means to move away from diesel based vehicles which severely decremented the reputation of the group. Therefore the likes of Audi and Skoda will be producing electric vehicles in larger quantities than before. In order to do this(…)

Audi is Putting it’s Sports Gear on Early

The three major luxury German automotive companies have a specific way of marketing their vehicles at the moment. If you haven’t noticed, they release a car and then a year later, the upgraded high performance one is released. This allows for the company to sell to two very specific markets and make a lot of(…)

What is the Audi RS7 Performance?

What is the Audi RS7 Performance and where will it fit into Audis fleet? Audi create their numbered series, they then add a Sports version and then they add an RS version, but it seems as if Audi in the case of the 7 Series here have gone even further. The range topping vehicle will(…)

The Release of the Audi A5 Sportback

The Audi A5 sportback has been spotted testing on the streets of Mumbai recently, as its hotly anticipated release will soon be upon us. So, from the information we know about the vehicle, what should we really be expecting? Well firstly, expect sport to be a key attribute for this vehicle. Based upon its sister(…)

The Audi A3 Facelift

That is correct, you read it right, the Audi A3 is getting a facelift, but for those who just got a little excited, we have to mention that this particular facelift for the A3 will only occur in India. There is good reason for this though. The Indian car market is growing at a rapid(…)

Audi May Sales

At the beginning of a new month, it is always interesting to see how well companies have performed in the previous month. And with Audi, there is added interest because of the links to the Volkswagen group and the scandal which has plagued them since September 2015. Yet Audi have put in an excellent sales(…)

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